Sales chatbot: how to Increase your sales?

Increase your sales with a sales Chatbot, how?

Sales Chatbots are a new era in marketing strategy. They have the capability to make sales and customer service more efficient, while also providing the customers with a better experience.
Chatbots are able to perform and automate tasks like lead generation and lead nurturing, as well as provide instant feedback to prospects on their queries. Chatbots can also be used for customer service, which will provide a faster response time than humans can.

Sales Chatbots

Sales chatbots are a new era in marketing strategy. They have been proven as an efficient way to improve customer satisfaction and help businesses grow.
When you use a sales chatbot you are saving time and money as they will solve basic requests meanwhile your sales team are focused on the real potential clients.

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Sales chatbot in use

A perfect example is Domino’s pizza at twitter, it lets their clients to order pizza only by sharing an emoji then, Domino’s bots drive those orders and make additional questions if they are needed. https://www.chatbotguide.org/dominospizza-bot

Give a voice and personality to your sales chatbot

If you haven’t done it yet it is the time to do it,your creative team should enter into the scene. Give a personality to your chat bot would humanize the experience and place users closer to your brand.

To let your clients know they are talking with a Bot many brands rather give a name to their bot, this give the opportunity to be transparent with their clients as well as to provide a friendly tone.

What can Sales Chatbots do?

  •  Order transactions

A chatbot can with ease turn a basic transaction into a conversational experience. The bot can check if the order is correct If a new customer is ready to place an order. Then, needed payment information can be collected.

To support transactions, bots can also answer questions about delivery information or returns policies. Or, they can schedule any needed training or appointments the customer requests.

  • Collect personal details

During the lead generation process, you’ll need to collect personal details. So, a sales chatbot could collect the data and get it ready for a human sales associate to use. From there, the agents or human team members can customise their service and get straight to the prospective customer’s wants.

  •  Conversational sales webforms

You may need to collect more information than a few fields of personal details. A sales chatbot, then, can take the place of a boring online form. This makes for a more engaging experience for prospective customers.

  •  Internal chatbot support

Chatbots don’t always have to be customer-facing. A sales chatbot could fill a helpful role as an internal assistant to a sales team. This includes answering questions about policy, retrieving key information, and so on.

Chatbots are driving the future of the sales domain, providing better opportunities to sales teams to reach customers at scale. They strengthen customer focus, capture valuable behavioural insights, and offer agile sales opportunities that other technologies can’t. These top AI chatbot features empower sales teams, giving them the right tools to engage with customers with greater efficiency. 

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