Stay on top of your requests, without hassle.

Stay on top of your requests, without hassle how to do it? Whatmas is a service that will lead to a company answering a single line by several operators.

You will be able to create a chat robot with the required information in order to determine the needs and date from the client,  so the operator would know beforehand the reason and any information they may need.

Whatmas  will make the customer service as the operators will be able to transfer conversations in order to solve requests or give any information to users from: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, telegram and Instagram.

The perfect solution for any company looking to improve their customer service.

If you are looking for a service to unify your chats from social networks and from webpage in only one comunication channel, whatmas has been created with customer satisfaction in mind.

We provide an AI chatbot that provides customers an integrated buying and customer support experience across all channels social mediaand webpage. You can deploy and manage a single omnichannel chatbot across all devices and communication channels to offer consistent user support.

Without hassle: You will be able to see in only one site all the incoming messages after your chatbot has collected information and provide the answers needed to your clients.

Whatmas is an application that will make customer service better for any company.

Customers will be more satisfy with your company and satisfied consumers buy more. According to a report by Harvard Business Review, a 5% increase in customer retention may mean an increase of up to 95% in a company’s annual earnings. On top of chat, chatbots all alone can increase online sales by 25%. The flexibility offered by an omnichannel experience can be a great ally for your company’s growth.

In case your customer requires an agent or human assistance whatmas will let you know, so you or one of your agents will answer them.

You can set an out of schedule auntomatic set of messages, your clients will never feel unatended again, 24/7 available so you never will miss a message again.

Would you like to know more: https://www.whatmas.com/ or contact us!

More info about Chatbots in business: https://www.business2community.com/customer-experience/omnichannel-chatbot-why-should-you-implement-it-in-your-business-02225559

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